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Myspace Gold Script How to install

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Hello, I have a MySpace Gold Script but do not know how to use it. Can someone help!?I have a MySpace gold script, this will let me build my own social networking site. I dont know much about MySQL or Myphpadmin. This is my installation instructionsTo start with open the mainfile.php and edit the settings to reflect your own. You will need to know your mysql database settings. If you do not know what these are please ask you webhost and they will provide them to you. After this file has been edited to your server settings, make sure that it is chmod to 444 (read only) on unix based systems. Use the included mysql tables to import them into your database using phpmyadmin. If you do not know how to do this ask your web host and they will do this for you.


This is not really a tutorial : read the tutorial rules, your text should have at least 500 words.That's why I moved your topic here, where it's place is.


May I ask what is that !I haven't use my space before.Can you explain it more details, thanks :mellow: