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Bad Santas Deliver Early Christmas Gifts

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Guys - you gotta read this article. It's just too funny. According to a recent Reuters news, a bunch of bad drunken Santas - FORTY to be exact - stormed through the City Center in Auckland stealing and assaulting the guards in a violent protest against over-commercialization of Christmas.

In another case - a speeding Santa (150kmph) was given a ticket. Apparently, he had a bunch of gifts to deliver and was running on a tight schedule.

Still not enough ?? A furniture store in the German town of Ludwigshafen was held up and robbed by an Armed Santa .. rofl..

The creme of it all - a Flasher Santa - who never misses the slightest chance to expose himself to a passing-by woman.

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Lol, santa┬┤s...


What ??? Nobody else found this funny or what ?


I can't bare to read anymore.My friend burnt her santa to the ground almost, when it was close the fire and caught alight. She was oblivious that smoke was rising from the back of his head. I pissed myself with laughter almost.Santa is clearly evil, and should be locked up.