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Need Help...forgot A Mysql Db Pass...

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Logan Deathbringer

Ok I forgot the password to a MySQL DB I have and would like to see if there is a way to reset the password to it so I can use it again. Is there a Query I can run through MyPHP to clear or change the password? Any help with this problem will be greatly appreciated...I would like to be able to retreive a good portion of the information in this DB as it is pertinant to my website.Logan


You can change/reset the password via cPanel.1.Open cPanel2.Go go "MySQL Databases: page3.Use phpMyAdmin tool to open all your databasesYou always can access to them all using your cPanel username and password, the main account always have full control of the database. After that, select the database you need to reset password.4.Do a backup on the database by exporting the database to a file5.Go to cPanel and delete the database, after that, create a new one with the same name.6.Set the new password to the new one, as you want to.7.Restore and the tables and information of the database using phpMyAdmin, again.Finish!


Well if its on Xisto MySQL server ..u can always ask the admin :huh:


If you go to MySQL Databases (next to PHP MyAdmin in cPanel) and scroll down. You can create a new username and password and give it privelages on the database, and then delete the old user. It should be faster than backing the whole thing up and creating a new database.

Logan Deathbringer

Thanks for all the help everyone I will give em a try in the next day or two and get back to you on how everything turns out. Would do it today but I have to defrost my radiator and engine block, while at the same time hoping that all the seals, block, and radiator survive unscathed.I'll post again after I try these ideas.Logan


you could just make a new user and attach that user to the database...xboxrulz