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What Would Happen, If Life Was Like An Mmorpg

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Gamers today face a tough challenge, sometimes you’ve just got to choose between fragging with your boys and freaking with, well, whoever you find appealing. I know more than a few guys who think things would just be easier if everything worked like their favorite MMORPG.Those guys are idiots. Here’s why Dating Would Be Harder If Life Worked Like An MMORPG.Let’s start with the obvious, Monthly fees. Nothing would take the air out of your tires faster than forking over an Andy Jackson to talk to that hottie across the room. Think of those guys you roll with. You really think you’re getting a lot of action when you’re surrounded by that bunch of level-9 n00bs? Not from anybody worth dating.Assuming you get the date, dinner and a movie is out. Her idea of a perfect date is slaying an orc horde. Afterwards, when you’re both sweaty and smeared with the blood of the fallen, your “Grope +55” is easily countered by a low-level face-slap. Critical hit!Say you even get lucky; say that well-rendered twinkle in the polygons of her eyes means she’s ready for a digital get-down. Three weeks later, you’ve caught a virus from your hook-up. In real life, you’d take some antibiotics and get back in the game. In an MMORPG, that virus burns you up where it doesn’t grow back. Ouch.After the hook-up, there’s always that awkward period where neither of you has much to type about, and the time comes when you tell her that “mayB U n i weren’t mnt 2b 2gether.” There’s a brief war between your respective factions, and two months later you see her in a supply tavern with some L337 Warrior.You try to make her jealous by hanging out with a hot elf from the highlands, but you’ve got another problem: elf boys look just like elf girls. And that’s a mistake you just don’t make twice! So, if you think dating would be easier if life were like an MMORPG, think again. After all, there’s no way to tell if that superbabe in the green tights is really some Larry the Cable Guy look-alike in Kentucky. So get out there and find Miss (or Mister) Right now!


For me, my life is like an mmorpg - nightmare.Although, if little blob things went around squelching on me, I would be tempted to zap it with a lightning bolt.


haha if life was an mmorpg this world would be wayyy to overpopulated everyone would be robbers stealing stuff and "buying" a new "life" haha and if they found a way to "hack" life then they could probebly screw up the whole world on the bright side tho at least there is always respawn but that would probebly lead to neverending battles well take a look a secondlife and see how thats going I mean it even has its own stock market, thats pretty cool


Real life doesn't have respawns, and it's not a huge *bottom* chatroom:PIf life were a FPS however, then it'd be interesting.- Respawns- Extensive weaponry- always running without getting tired- Wallhacks- Killing people and getting away with it- ... many more stuff


:) I always act like im living in a FPS, I was watching Resident evil 2 the other day and when the chick was running faster than the guns I told myself. Wow look at that speed hacker. Then yesterday without knowing it I was on a bus ride for a feild trip and I looked out of the window and said. Wow those are good textures. Without realizing what that I said that.


What resolution would the real world be? Talking about textures :huh:The games are looking better and better, in how many years, you can´t see the difference anymore?Mark


Well, if you look at those car racing games they look so freaking alike! Several times I couldn't tell the difference (ingame screenshots, without any user interface visuals)... and I was totally shocked.Man... but honestly, nothing can come like reality because reality is now and it is and it was... lol woah going into philosophy here.But anyway, yeah... technology is so good nowadays :(