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Capital Punishment Please vote and reply

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I am opposed. Just look at the crime statistics. Countries with capital punishment are not more peaceful. In fact, many are more violent, for example the US has many times the violent crime of Australia. Capital punishment there does nothing to stop it.Or look at the death penalty for smuggling drugs through South East Asian countries. What does it achieve? It kills the little guy, who was probably desparate anyway. It does nothing to lessen the demand for the drugs, which is the root of the problem or to take out the big guy.But obviously I'm most opposed because it's barbaric. It's like something out of the middle ages, but it is somehting that has never worked. People are not motivated by fear of torture or death. When public hangings were a common occurance (and a spectacle) crime rates were much higher than now. Capital punishment did not work then, and it does not work now.Capital punishment does not work. It fights the symptom, not the problem.


Execution is, in simplest terms, state-sanctioned killing, and it devalues the respect we place on human life; how can we say that killing is wrong if we sanction killing criminals? More importantly, the whole principle is outweighed by the proven risk of executing innocent people. 23 innocent people were executed in the USA in the 20th century. The avoidable killing of an innocent person can never be justified, in any circumstances. Higher execution rates can actually increase violent crime rates. California averaged 6 executions a year from 1952 to 1967, and had twice the murder rate than the period from 1968 until 1991 when there were no executions. In New York, from 1907 to 1964, months immediately following an execution showed a net increase of two murders - an average over a 57-year period. Implementation of the death penalty, particularly in America, can suffer from social or racial bias and in fact be used as a weapon against a certain section of society. In the USA nearly 90% of those executed were convicted of killing whites, despite the fact that non-whites make up more than 50% of all murder victims. Capital punishment costs more than life without parole. Studies in the US show that capital cases, from arrest to execution, cost between $1 million and $7 million. A case resulting in life imprisonment costs around $500,000. Defendants who are mentally incompetent will often answer "Yes" to questions in the desire to please others. This can lead to false confessions. Over 30 mentally retarded people have been executed in the USA since 1976. By executing criminals you are ruling out the possibility of rehabilitation - that they may repent of their crime, serve a sentence as punishment, and emerge as a reformed and useful member of society.

Logan Deathbringer

I'm against captial punishment.

If someone kills another individual, and in turn, you kill them for that, what good does it bring?

Killing more won't bring anyone back, nor will it accomplish anything. Crime will linger on as it always had, and it will continue the fuel the circle of hate. Think about it, if someone kills your loved ones, you'll hate the person who did it. If you kill the person that killed, whoever loves him will hate you for it. So, do we expand this to the point where everyone must kill or be killed?

Wars are senseless and meaning less. Look at the destruction and death that war brings, that is no different from captial punishment. This isn't a issue about being humanitarian, it's about human conscience. Do you really think the wars we have mean anything at all? Or is any war justifiable in any way? If you think you have the right to take away someone's life just because they have done the same, what seperates you from them?

Like prisoners shouldn't tend their own vegetable gardens, among other things, to off-set the costs of keeping them away from people who obey the law.

I strongly agree with this. It cost too much to keep them behind bars. Our tax money feeds them, keeps them secure and a place to stay. For some they may think of it better than living on the streets. But anyway, if you've commited murder, I feel that the person that killed should be executed. That way we wouldn't have to pay for them staying in a prison for life like thats just wrong!

If it is true that prisons are the greatest place to live, then why don't you see the general public committing crimes left and right just to land themselves a cell to live in for the rest of their life? Think about it, Americans should know about this the best. What is one of the greatest assets we have in our country? Our freedom, and you are not going to get any of that in a prison. If you think the prison system is faulty, then have it reformed. But, killing a few murders won't reduce the costs.

And, what about 2nd and 3rd degree murders? What about accidents? Do you really intend to kill every single person that has killed? For those of you who support capital punishment just to put a few extra cents in your pockets, you are worse than the scum that has committed murder. Why? Because aren't you just buying people lives in ur own socially acceptable way?


Replying to Jeigh It is wrong to kill because crime rate is going up and cause of capital punishment they look at it is well they can kill why cant I.

-reply by Red One

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