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What Is The Best Site To Buy Music Online ?

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Hi ppl, what is the best online site to download music? In other words, a site that has a considerable colection of titles and is cheap ;)


Hi ppl,


what is the best online site to download music? In other words, a site that has a considerable colection of titles and is cheap ;)


I'm a big fan of iTunes, but it sounds like you're looking for a Web site, not a program.


But sometimes I get free codes for amplified.com - they're pretty good, I guess. The prices aren't bad (about the same as iTunes). And the selection's not shabby.


If you want to go for charitising, then try




I preferred it when it had Oxfam as a promotion, but since they got took over, it is, crap (for me).


i'd go with iTunes, it's very reliable.


First of all, what kind of music do you mean? Some sites specialize only in a certain genre.

I am subscribed to https://54health.com/ for popular oldies, and was subscribed to http://www.hugedomains.com/domain_profile.cfm?d=periodrecording&e=com for "early music" for a while.

Both of them are inexpensive, and accept non-US subscribers, which many of the biggies won't.


Actually, I just learned yesterday that Amazon.com offers tons and tons and tons of free music downloads. Some are indie, some are big-label, and there are all sorts of genres (from rock and pop to rap and gospel) so there's probably something for everyone. You usually don't get the full CD (of course) but sometimes an artist will upload the whole album for you. And if you like what you've downloaded, buying the CD from Amazon is extremely convenient.


I recommend using rhapsody...The songs are only 99cents to buy/transfer, and you can listen to them as long as you want before buying. Just keep using the 7 day trial.I have heard there are some cool things out there that give you songs really cheap but rhapsody is one of the best. Trust me and if I am wrong I will pay for some of your songs myself!!!


You should consider the following factors when purchasing music...-Quality-Quantity-PriceI don't use iTunes because I don't have an Apple product (haha, I know it's crazy). I mean, it's nothing that of a fad to have around here in Thailand but yeah... it's really popular, I know. Anyway, people here don't buy music online. They just buy CD's and rip 'em. I don't. Others do but I don't! (runs away and hides) I don't, I tell yaa!! Argh.Hold on, how do the downloads work? What if the download fails or something?


How about Yahoo Music? Heard it being advertised on the radio a lot lately. Yahoo should have the popular music that we hear today, so hopefully the variety will fit your needs. Give the free player download a try so you know how it is before you go to the monthly service (which isn't that high either :)).