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Alternate Theory Of Creation A theory about the birth of the universe

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Shadow X

I've never really heard of the Vedic cosmology before, I'll look it up sometime and see what it's about but it does sound interesting. I believe that God created the universe but if I didn't then it would be the Big Bang Theory because it's mentioned so many times.


What about the case of Panspermia? What is Panspermia, you ask? Basically, life was formed on Earth 3.8 billion years ago by comets that slammed into the planet, deposited their debris, and whatever alien microbes that survived, emerged and spread across the planet to breed life to us all...thus making the argument that we, humans, might all, in fact, be aliens. The idea of Panspermia has been around longer that Christianity, and new discoveries have breathed new life into the theory.Another interesting fact is in the 1800s, a French chemist, Louis Pasteur proposed that spontaneous generation of life could not have occurred on Earth. Louis and other British physicists also concurred that life might have come from space.So who knows...we may all be Aliens...not created by God, but by the Universe...Nothing really can be proven, right? So it's all theory against theory, right? Or not?I personally have a healthy balance of believing in God, and also understanding science and appreciating all the theories out there.Whatever we are and where ever we came from, aren't as important, to me...as to where we are going.Live well! :mellow:


Another very attractive (to me!) theory about the creation of our universe is actually quite new. As far as Iâm concerned it doesnât have a âreal nameâ.


I donât think of the universe as an infinite universe â I believe it ends somewhere. My favourite creation theory says that the universe is one out of many âuniverse bubblesâ. Try to imagine an empty black (maybe infinite) space. Now, imagine thousands, millions, maybe even billions of ball-shaped bubbles â each is an independent universe.


There has got to be something between these âbubblesâ â tachyons are a considered suggestion. Tachyons are hypothetical particles which travel faster than light. They can do this because of their mass being less than zero!


These bubbles are surrounded by a sort of sphere making them able to keep their âownâ galaxies, stars, etc. inside them.

Now, occasionally some of these bubbles will bump into each other â a collision which would produce an extreme amount of energy. A little calculation shows that this collision would be powerful enough to produce a âbig bangâ. Only this big bang wouldnât start with a small particle but with the two bubble shell smashing into each other.


As I said, this is my favourite explanation also because it explains where background radiation from the big bang, we can measure today, comes from. Too many theories canât explain the background radiation.  :)


Sorry, I made a mistake about the tachyons. It is the mass squared that is less than zero (m^2 < 0).

Now, this would seem rather odd to us who have just a little mathematical understanding, but it has something to do with irrational numbers â which havenât been a part of my education yet so Iâll let somebody else explain them!  :)


As I said these particles are hypothetical, i.e. they have never been measured. There are some measurements that could indicate that they exist, but so far no proof has been seen. But if they are discovered they could explain why the universe is expanding faster and faster instead of slower and slower.


I found this site helpful if you want to find out more about tachyons.


Hi all.



In relativity theory we can study two types os particles (entities, existing things).

a) Those that have a mass equal to zero: i.e. photons (light and other radiatons).

:) Those that have a mass over zero: the rest.


The first ones travel always at the speed of light or "c".

For the second ones "c", the speed of light is the limiting speed.


Why?. Because the mass of the over zero mass particles depends of its speed; and every time it accelerates the mass quantity grows. And when the speed is near to "c" the mass becomes infinite (with no sense); so it is impossible to accelerate it more.


Now. We know that relativity talks about zero mass and nonzero mass particles. Their speeds are light speed and below speed light respectively.


Theorists thought that since everything can be possible, that a third type of particles could exist. Those wich always travel over the speed of light.


So, has it mass to be infinite then? Nope. These particles should gain velocity when loosing energy and travel slower when they adquire energy.


Why? To fit the relativity theory.


The theory deals too about a "particular time" for each particle in the Universe. That means that when you see one particle travelling somewhere, you see it moving according to your time scale, and if you where that particle, you'd experiment the reality with another scale of time. For example. You have a fried of your same age. If you travel to a black hole with him, stopping at its limits, then your friend gets in and you stay, you'd see how your friend increases rapidly its speed into the hole pulled by the tremendous gravity inside. On the other side, your friend would see how the activity in the Unvierse seems to stop, because the gravity in his space has changed the time scale. Your friend will see you always young in his long travel into the black hole, but you'd see him to fall always faster and faster till he dissapeared into the hole. Since the mass is dependent of the velocity, it increases its value while velocity increases. A particle travelling at the speed of light should have a particular time where everything outside is accelerated, and for those who are travelling slower things require more time to happen.


Tachyons could have a particular time that allowed them to travel faster than light and have a mass over zero locally if that speed is only faster than light for another observer. Tachyons could be also one particular vibrational type of existence in Universe, like the rest of particles could be with a negative squared mass (with movement rules opposite to the nonzero mass particles)


Who knows.




Better that get into them, negative square should stand to opposite properties instead of opposite existence or negative existence.




Quantum physics states the need of a multiverse to explain ceratin interactions between particles. I personally believe that this interaction can be explained by the space properties instead, so I believe that the multiverse theory can be replaced with an unified space-matter theory instead.


By definition, multiverses cannot be independent. If they were independent they wouldn't exist toegether, since no intercation should make them be toegether as they were independent.


A multiverse is a sum of different universes coexisting at the same moment. How are they at the same moment? Because the particles in the universe exist in different dimensions at the same time. When a particle interacts with another universe, it is called a ghost particle because we only can see the effects of its interaction, but not the particle itself.




Now, let's put both multiverse and tachyons in the same place and remove it.


If tachyons can travel faster than light and have its particular time, opposite to the zero or nonzero particles, they could travel back in time between different Universes.


Time: 11:47 here now. hehe. Not that time, but the movement rules in the Universe. Time for us will be the particuar physic conditions of a particle in movement (note that we never said that were particles with movement=0)


Movement=0 for me is the space itself, the particles are the expression of a nonzero state of the space (for me too). Something similar to the strings theory.


If we go back in time we could live in another Universe and change a lot of things. But we wouldn't cure the pain here, because this Universe exists as it is and its timeline is defined already. We could create another Universe with a new timeline and live there even if we weren't able to see the difference between both of them.





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