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Is Mass Never Created Or Destroyed? Or is that energy?

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The funny thing is that there are people out there who think that kind of stuff just happens and didn't have to be designed to happen. :)


Proper Geishan Is Mass Never Created Or Destroyed?

As Lord of the Universe I can comment (using capitals or ithy tichy letters) that it's all down to how many Storks land in your garden on a given night. The Zygotes lost the last battle of the Van Allan Rings near the planet Whitevanallen and are no longer part of the scenario. I of course can create and destroy energy and matter at the  blink of an eye, I've even baked the odd pizza in the blink of an eye or rather after a few cannies it seemd like one... 


i was browsing the web this weekend and i came accross an interesting topic of discussion....where do babies come from...unfortanatly i cant find the original thread but i will sum up what i read...
it stated that (as far as we know...on this planet) all living things are made up of carbon molecules...and also that matter is neither created nor destroyed but it went on about those two theories for a couple of paragraphs before finally getting to the point of where babies come from...it said that the mother consumes food (meant vegies w/e) and her body takes that food and breaks it down (gets the carbon and other molecules needed to make a baby) and rearranges these molecules to make dna (carbon based)...and that her body would continue consuming food and turning it into, esentially, the baby...so the whole topic basicly stayed on the matter that a baby doesnt come from the mother...it comes from the food she consumes (and the carbon that maks up that food)...

i am no science wizz or anything...(i actually hate science class, but this stuff is interesting)...but isnt it energy is neither created nor destroyed...which would mean that this whole topic that i found was...well...false

can someone help me here....


Notice from vizskywalker:
changed topic title to better reflect the primary question
It is not like energy can neither be created not destroyed or mass can neither be created nor destroyed. It is actually a combination of the two. Mass cannot be created or destroyed if the energy remains constant. Or energy cannot be created or destroyed if the mass remains constant. It is actually a relative thing not an absolute one. Mass can be converted into energy (e.g the nuclear energy obtained from fission and fusion). In this phenomenon mass is destroyed which is against the law if we takes the law as stating that mass cannot be created or destroyed (without explaining any relation with the energy). Actually when the mass is destroyed the energy increases. Similarly when energy is destroyed mass does increase. Actually mass is nothing but a very concentrated form of energy so the process of conversion of mass into energy is like concentrated form of energy being converted into less concentrated form of energy.

The Baby birth has nothing to do with this concept because neither mass is converted into energy or energy converted into mass in the process of baby birth. I will give you a simple example. A room full of bricks lying one on the other occupies the space equal to the volume of the room but when proper shape is given and walls and ceilings are formed the same amount of bricks can form a good sized building. Similar is the case with the arrangement of molecules in food and in the living body. In food the particles are more concentrated but when arranged in an efficient way they can form big structures. The actual source of income for the body of baby is nothing but the actual source of income for the body of the mother. A very simple proof for this fact is that the need of every type of nutrients whether vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, water, proteins etc etc, increase in the period of pregnancy and if this increase in demand is not met then the offspring suffers from different disabilities.
This proves that the actual source is nothing but the food that the mother eats

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