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Howto: Change 3ds Max Loading Interface Add new life to the dull startup splash

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Whenever you load your version of 3ds max, the usual loading interface will appear which is quite boring to view it at times. So is there a way to customise your own splash screen? The answer is yes!!! Of course you can!!! Every max users are blessed with the privilage to change the default loading user interface to their own desired loading interface.


Q. So how exactly do I change the default loading interface of my version of max?

A. Its very easy. All you need is a good and healthy version of Macromedia flash editor.

If you did notice, the max root folder consist of a file called splash.fla and splash.swf. Open the splash.fla and replace the background picture to your desired picture. Export the flash movie and name it as splash.swf.


NOTE: Remember to back-up the files before attempt to create your very own splash loading interface. Good luck.


lol, i don't think it'd be absolutely necessary to change the splash swf. I'm usually surfing the web as i wait for the application to load and don't even bother looking at the default swf they gave us =P


kool! i was getting bored of looking at the keyboard shortcuts everytime i load up the program.


what I know you can put file called splash.bmp into your 3dsmax main directory and that's all, it would load bitmap you give him... think this is easiest way... (tested with 3dsmax 6.0)