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Own Postview Increases View Count ? Should it be otherwise ?

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Hi all, Why is it that everytime you view your own post, the view count shoots up ? Not that it matters, but shouldn't it NOT increase if you keep viewing your own post ?? Maybe till some new post has been added to the same topic ? What do you all say ?Regards


I think it's because you viewed it! ;) it's a view count it don't matter who it is that did the viewing. Like me I have bad short term memory... ;) I reread my posts 2 - 3 times, if they are funny I laugh and enjoy the new joke... All kidding aside, I think that was the thought behind the view count.Nils


I don't know, I guess the view count doesn't really matter... I don't really looks at the view count, and if I do, I would remember to minus one from the count.


Hehe.. I'd go along with nil. I myself add in at least 5-6 more hits to the view count - coz not only I do seem to suffer from temporary amnesia at that point but need to gloat over what I posted & feel happy about it - quite a few times ;) lol