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Can you upload using ftp? if you can, then how ?


Do you wanna upload with command line? I am just wondering you can check the UNIX FTP command put to do it. login as a userftp>cd your destination folderftp>put sourcefile destination


hm, i think he's talking about this hostwell, you can. with any ftp programif your domain is yourname.astahost.com, then so is your ftp server -name.


yes, u can upload if the webhost advertises ftp uploading. if they dont advertise that, then they prolly have web-based uploading, which takes time if u wanna start a forum. so i suggest sticking with Xisto seeing as they have ftp uploading. if u have a question on wut ur ftp server upload info is, i would write them an email. or u could always look for it on their site :P