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Hello... First of all, I'm very newbie to open source software, but also very enthusiastic using really developed software like Open Office.. At this moment I installed v1.1 and I would like if thereĀ“s any possibility to save drawings in the vectorgraphics format of Corel Draw (export to: *.CDR). A whole list of export formats is present, but I just miss that one... Is there any plugin. add-on, etc.? Thank you! B.t.w.: at this moment, on this computer I work, I still have windows installed...sorry..


if you want open source graphics program, gimp may be the best. i heard lot of good things about it, and it mostly compared to photoshop. it also use some ps filters some don't work for more visit gimp web site


Corel Photo Paint is fairly easy to use. Gimp is also pretty good. Both Gimp and CPP are easy to use. Photoshop is rather powerful and takes a while to get used to.


But once you get used to it you can't leave it :)Try using CodeWaver to excute Macromedia Products and Photoshop on linux...


corel draw can also import other vector format like *.ai, autocad drawing and etc.I am a corel draw user.