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How do I insert an image into my work?CTRL V-C doesn't work


what program are you using. i think you could just try going to Edit | Paste/Copy?if you are using Photoshop you can open the image you want to be insterted into your new document make the image to paste active just click and drag it onto the document you want it to be pasted into.


For most programs, what will work usually is to open up a new document on your program, copy the picture you want to insert, and then paste it onto the new document.


If drag and drop doesn't work, try to open the image using internet explorer. Select it, right click-copy, and paste into your document. Hope it will help.


Actually, Ctrl V-C is not a computer command to begin with. Ctrl-X is cut, Ctrl-C is copy, and Ctrl-V is paste. Not sure if you got the command mixed up, but I hope that this will clear up some things. :)


wiew the "Edit" (or equivalent) menù :)


what kind of work are you talking about? if its like an image...try looking for an insert tab.oh yeah, its ctrl+c for copy and ctrl+v for paste!


That's the 100% way to take an image and added over other image :Using photoshop:Use marqee tool go over the picture you want to take and click the right button of the mouse, click "select all" , then use move tool to drag the picture over the other one.That's all.


I use FrontPage, there is an icon which shows you to insert a picture.I can also use Ctrl+C when viewing pictures using ACDsee~^^


How do I insert an image into my work?


CTRL V-C doesn't work


Please specify what program you're using when you tried to insert an image using the copy + paste function. Not all programs use the same command or procedure in inserting images and you can't use the copy + paste all the time. Btw, its CTRL + C (copy) that you should do first, then CTRL + V (paste). :)