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Free 3D modelling packages

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Don't want to drop a cool grand on a modelling program just to do some hobbyist work? Try one of these:

Neutered version of 3DSMax



POV-RAY is a great one, many people use it now, it can create great graphics.


Nice, I use milkshape to make cs skins. Pretty cool.


try to download from emule


There's one free 3D Program that I found called Anim8or. Even though it is still in beta, it is quite promising in feature and ease of use. It allows 3d modeling, but no rendering yet.

But if you want a cheaper 3d modeling software that has similar features as maya, and that's under $300.00 (or so I think), then there is one program called gameSPACE.


I use gmax for modelin units in a game. Its really good and easy to use. I tried that mil thing but it was hard.


The program you guys are looking for, in terms of power and features and cost($0) is Blender3d. It has tons of tutorials and documentation, and it runs on every single OS that you are probably using, Linux, Windows, and Mac.


I intend to learn it myself sometime in the future.


Wow! I didn't think there would be any free 3d modelers! I'll check these out. Thanks a ton for the links.


No problem. Once you find a program you like, I suggest you get on IRC(a chat medium). There are lots of people and groups on IRC that are dedicated to these programs and have people that will help you out in trying to learn/perfect your skills using these programs.


Blender is amazing, it's great and open source now. I remember when it was going open source and they needed donations. Some friends of mine and I were checking the site daily. Blender is extremely powerful for a free 3D modeler, and it doesn't have crippled or no rendering like gmax. The only difficult part about it is the interface, which once you get used to it, it seems a lot more efficient than some other programs. You just keep one hand on the keyboard and the other on the mouse. I also enjoy using POVRAY, since I'm a programmer it's kind of neat to write a script to make the scene.


Your you must use Rhinoceros, NURBS modeling for Windows

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Cool programs. I always wanted to get another good 3D program on my comp. I forgot the name of the one my firend uses but now I remeber [MilkShape]. I already tried to work with Blender3D but I think I need moooore tutorials on it. :) What do you think is the easiest program to get started in?


Try wings 3d. I heard great things about that program and I think I am going to switch from the Maya modeling package to that.


can you model in milkshape???i mean i just used it to animate i didn really messed with the modeling party there...well peeps say you can...try downloading milkshape too...just google around and youll find it :( peace!


Im using cinema 4d - and found it's very very similar to PC.


Why settle for neutered when all it takes is a simple search to use the real thing? :lol:


those both suck, man.those both suck, man.

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i suggest orangeblender.org
Neutered version of 3DSMax


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Wow! I didn't know that there are a lot of 3D Rendering Softwares. I only have Bryce 5 3D at home and 3D Stuido Max. I started using Bryce 3D for the first time only this year and see the result of my curiosity. http://www.adworksgrfx.com.ph/ - And that was my very first 3D abstract art. B) hahaha I wish I could learn 3D modeling and maybe I could try some of the 3D softwares suggested here and hope someday I could join the bandwagon of great 3D artists and not just the Bryce abstract artists I am now. ;)


too bad you cant find gmax around on the autodesk site now, they have stopped offering it. Im sure if you search around you may still find a few copies along with the tutorials, help files, textures and extra plugins.I have used gmax before it it is extremely powerful especially in game editing, some games come with their own editor plugin package that loads straight into gmax for immediate editing and scripting (for some games). Its a shame autodesk stopped offering it though B)

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