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Great freeware GIMP

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If you, like me, cant afford teh hundreds of bucks to pay for Adobe Photoshop, you may want to try GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). It's touted as the open-source equivalent of Photoshop. It's free!



You can always go on EBAY and look for a cheap copy of Photoshop. I have seen CS and 7.0 versions for 40-50 bucks.


You can also use Pixia, it's freeware.


I've got gimp and I love it! I think it's probably the best free one out there. (Asides from the trial of Photoshop CS :P) WOW!! 40-50 bucks!! :):):P:P GOOD DEAL! I don't have Photoshop CS but I wish I had it.


You can always go on EBAY and look for a cheap copy of Photoshop. I have seen CS and 7.0 versions for 40-50 bucks.


Yeah you could do that ... but remember... those prices start goin up at the last minute and sometimes end up higher than the retail price. Also eBay has somewhat of a lot of scammers... i'd watch out.


I've never used Pixia before, but I've used GIMP, and I found it hard to use. I'm sure it's an excellent piece of software once you get used to it, but Adobe Photoshop has an easier learning curve.Before I started using Adobe Photoshop, I always used Adobe PhotoDeluxe, which came with my scanner. It almost rivals Photoshop, and there are quite a few things on PhotoDeluxe that Photoshop can't do.


I've used GIMP too, very nice program, but I'm very confident w/ Adobe Phoshop.

Here guys, I'd like to intro a good site w/ free- and shareware programs you might good to download.

Once its name was webattck.com and it has changed to http://www.snapfiles.com/


I like this program, but its sort of buggy for me in the Windows port. GIMP sometimes crashes. Otherwise its nice. It is like an equivalent of paint shop pro and a lesser photoshop. You can download some plugins(dunno what they are called in GIMP) to make it have the tools of photoshop.


I've tried GIMP, but found the learning curve rather too steep. I use Pixia, which, as someone has mentioned earlier, is a very good program.

I'm sure that almost everyone by now has at least heard of it, but IrfanView (also freeware) is exellent for resizing, image conversion, and generally viewing images. It does not, however, have the editing capabilities of Photoshop, the GIMP, or Pixia.


I tried getting it, but on Macintosh it requires a $40 program to run that didn't come on my computer, and wasn't really worth buying. Do any of you know of any free graphics programs for Apple that don't take forever to download (like the Adobe demo)?


Corel is just as good as Photoshop CS, that is, in my opinion. I find it a bit easier to use.