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To Know Whether She Is Love With Me Or Not

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I love a girl since three years but she is not loving me.I tried all my idea's to make her love with me..,but at last she said..We will be friends...but after saying that also.she wont attend my call,message me...i dont know what's wrong with her ?but i need a suggestion whether to continue in love or be friend or end with it...


You had me feeling bad for you until I read where you said "what is wrong with her?" Chances are there is nothing wrong with her. She just isn't into you. Who knows what the reason is, it could be physical, emotional, or maybe your scaring the daylights out of her by trying so hard. She may think you are some weird annoying stalker. She told you she just wanted to be friends, but you kept after her and when she saw that even after she told you she just wanted to be friends and you persisted, when you didn't take the hint she decided she wanted nothing at all to do with you instead of at least trying to be friends. You pushed too far. You can't make somebody like you no matter how bad you want to.


It's time for you to give this one up and find someone who will return your affection.