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Can You Cheat Without Physical Contact?

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Can you cheat on someone without any physical contact?I know that if my boyfriend was thinking about another girl a lot, I would be pretty upset but does it count as cheating? Or if they treat the other girl better than you?


Good question. I wonder if this would fall into the catagory of "thought crime." I really don't think that thinking about another female would be cheating, I actually think mens brains don't work well enough to think about much of anything else anyway. :-) At least younger men anyway. And I'm not sure how many of them ever grow up either. Nothing like a little man bashing on Christmas eve. You all know I'm just joking right? I do love men. Even with all their many faults.


Whether or not you are "cheating" really depends on the person giving their input. To me, thoughts are just that: thoughts. To others, thoughts are the predecessor to taking action (and therefore often lead to action). People who feel that way would be more likely to consider impure thoughts as cheating, although the way I see it, if nothing has happened there's no problem.