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What To Do When Your Partner Turns Disloyal

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Being loyal is a tough task whereas being on the other other side is quite easy. Imagine, whether men or women, you are madly in love with a person. That person cheats on you, you are devastated when you find out . Now what do you do???/ :huh: See you are left with some options cry and cry and cry.......or you can beg for reconciliation, you can also fight and shout at the top of your voice to make your point, or if you are driven by ego, then suffer within yourself without uttering a word. It is difficult to say what the best way would be to face infidelity, but there is definitely something you can do, brush that person off your mind and behave as if nothing happened at all, and its just the same as the previous day. You are likely to ask, how is that going to help? It is. If you are young, you can make the betrayer feel that he/she doesn't matter to you at all, this makes your partner think over and over how close you were in the relationship and ultimately realise that it was a blunder committed. If the partner in question is a mature person, then anyways he/she hopefully might have taken the step under two circumstances, he/she was under the influence of some intoxicant or he/she might have thought over deeply before choosing disloyalty, the difficulty faced in the latter is that they might have a dependent family which would suffer invariably. Still you can risk to ignore your partner as being a responsible person, your partner should have chosen the ongoing relationship,so remembering or trying again is hardly going to yield anything. You might have different opinions but it is just what I feel to be helpful in times of such distress, not ruling the fact that how tough it can be not thinking of the person you have spent a long time with.


I think it depends on the status of the relationship. If you are married, then that is a tough one. Because you are bound by everything that comes with becoming married, you're not left with many easy options. But if you are not married, I would think there is a certain way you could act that would make the partner who cheated feel very bad about himself/herself. Never yell or degrade the person who cheated. Also, don't act devastated or depressed or ruined. That just makes you look weak. No, what I would do is this. Sit down and talk with the person who cheated. Tell them you are disappointed and that it is unacceptable. Be very respectful and mature about it. Say that you love your partner but after learning about the cheating you need some time to see if you will be able to forgive them. Then I would break away for awhile and get some space, all the while remaining composed and mature about it. The goal is to make yourself look like the better person in the situation, and being angry, depressed, and degrading only makes you look pathetic in the long run and to a certain extent, it will indirectly JUSTIFY your partner cheating on you! In the end, you want to make the person who cheated on you look like an idiot for doing it. Remaining a nice, mature person will only make you look good and make the person who cheated on you look bad. Always keep your head up and know that you deserve to be treated better, and if the person who cheated on you isn't able to feel the remorse and regret for doing something so terrible, then you should move on!


That is what even I wanted to put forward. Also I would say that being in a marriage certainly doesn't mean we are supposed to gulp everything,something as unforgivable as disloyalty, it pains like hell! When your husband/wife is preferring someone else over you then how difficult it would be to continue with your marriage. It has to be either making your partner realise your importance, or walking out of the marriage. Now the main issue that arises is the child the couple has, by any means providing a normal upbringing to the child would not be possible, even if you choose to suffer with your disloyal partner.With all my heart I wish nobody faces a trauma of this magnitude, where you are in a dilemma, neither can commit nor can vomit.