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Ok, so I've liked this guy for 2 YEARS, but everytime i tried to tell one of my friends they told me that they liked him first, so I kept my distance and shut-up about him, he even asked me out me once but he did it at my friends house who liked him at the time so I looked at her and said no to him. Lately though I'm finding it hard to keep my feelings under control because my best friend reallly likes him and even planned on asking him out, so naturally I pretended to be happy for her. But we recently told each other that we both like one another, that we've STILL liked each other after 2 years, so I told my friend the following day about him, she seemed happy but I'm pretty sure it might just be an act. About a month ago I broke up with an ex (we went for like a week tho) but he still has alot of feelings for me, and he still talks about me. So what do I do? we both know we like each other but should i wait like a month or more before we go out or something? should i be the one to ask him out? or will he ask me out? and dont say forget about him, because honestly i have tried, but everytime i see him i love him all over again, and i can't just ignore him because we run in the same group of friends. and is it even a good idea to go out, becuz what if it doesnt work out, i might have just ruinned everything.


The answer is preety simple....just start over again with him again & this time b careful wid ur relationship.....since ders no room for ego in love....