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Plz Help Me Out In What I Have To Do With This Girl is she really loving me or seeking my attention or playing with me??

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Hi i have a serious problem. Plz give ur suggestionsI came to meet a girl some good 3 years back. At the start i called her and showed so much interest in her. She then proposed to me i thought wow she is awesome and accepted.Everything went fine for 3 months...she used to cal me once or twice in a day because it is an std cal. when she comes to my home town we used to talk for hours.I knew she has many boy frnds. When ever i used to call her mobile is saying busy. I didnt want to ask her about this. I thought she would hurt if i ask. Whatever shez talking to me fine. After the first 3 months she started talking about marriage. I am very much afraid of marrying her becoz i am not clear about her relationships with others. so i used to skip it and talk.When i used to cal her mobile is busy. so i one day i said her i am not really loving u its jus that i am pretending. sorry please execuse me for that i said.she cried a lot on that day and after 3 days she stoped calling me.And after few months we were in touch again not as close as we used to b. But then after some days talked closely met again and i said i was sorry for rejecting her i also said i want her back. she said ok. And started talking .After few days again the same old story. Her mobile is busy whenever i cal her. she used to stop that cal and talk to me. I am not clear about her relationships with others so i lost interest on her again i stopped talking for few more days.But she used to cal me once in a month or 2. Our relationship used to run like this breakups and meeting again and again.she used to help me whenever i need money. So to b frank i used to cal her jus for that only. Though she is beautiful i am not clear about her relationships with her boy frnds.but she always says she loves me but i am not sure does really loves me or not. recently we r talking again soo closely like we did at the start. I got a job she felt very happy and kept a very big big mail that she really really likes me all she wants is little more attention and love from me and talked about marriage. I said ok because she helped me in difficult times when ever i need money she used to give me soo i thought she had good corner on me soo accepted didnt think about her relationships with others. soo we were enjoying again. calling everyday meeting almost everyday. As i got the job in the place she is living we are almost meeting everyday. We are travelling to our home town together everytime.she i saying she is deeply in love with me wants to marry me. I also connected to her morethan ever before. I am completely in love with her now. I am enjoying every minute with her.Now the problem araised. ofcourse she is talking to me nicely but she is talking with others also. I am not able to digest it. When ever she comes to meet me she keeps texting others when the other person calls she will cut the cal as she is with me. She keeps texting others but wont text me at all in a single day. She only calls me. while talking with me she operates her mobile and texts others.I already said her that we need b frank in our relationship.she said ok fine. But now a days she is telling me lies. She is switching off her phone for the entire day and when iask her about that she says she busy and wont say y she is.At times when she is with me she switches the phone off.she used to call me everyday in the morning when is she going to office in bus but for the past few days she is not responding at all. She calls me when she starts and then wont respond and she says she is going in a city bus not the office bus she buses are full busy so is the reason y i am not able to talk to u. she says lies i can feel them. Recently she said she is going to her brother house a week back i droped her 3 days in a row. On that day also i said i will drop u. shez begging me to not to come. i said i will she started saying it again and again. so i didnt droped her. On that she didnt cal me for 7 hrs then she said she is with her brother so could not cal me.she also said her brother beat her becoz of changing to a hostel. I almost ask her everyday r u serious with me?? she says i love u i love u. does she really means it??2 days back for the first time in my life i touched her mobile that too forcefully. she begged me not to see the message. Please dont see the message u will only feel dont plz she said. I understood her feelings but still read it. The msgs is a normal one but she took the cell from me very forcely.I cried a little bit she is laughing and saying y did u love me r u thinking like that?? she said dude i will stop everything for u but i need some time. Overnyt i cant stop. I have needs so get them done by those people so is the reason i talk with them. Give me some time i will stop everything for u she said.I am completely in love with this girl. dont want to leave her. I gave her a class on phone that night to change a little. she texted me if u want to leave me jus leave i will not disturb u.I am not able to do it. so i called her and said i love u i cant leave u. She said she too wants me. But she needs some time to leave her boy frnds.still she says something and cuts the call and when i call its busy. she calls me back when it it finished. :( :( its realy hurting me . when she talks with me i love it. but when she hangs up my mind is definitely not with me. :( :( please suggest me . i dont know wat to do....


This is the time for you to decide, do you think it is fair to ask for loyalty when you are using her for money yourself, your love should be selfless.Moreover, if she is constantly in touch with other guys, and surprisingly you know about this, why don't you just finish it off! or accept her the way she is, you cannot have everything, after all.