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Should I Continue Talking To This Guy?

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its been 7 months we have been txtn each other...we met thru fb...we were in same school but never saw each other...n now we r in different colgs...i m a kinda addictd to him....n he olso likes tokn to me.. i thnk i m falln 4 hm....when i asked him his feelings abt me..he sd he feels sth that he cant xplian..n its not js frnshp....whts botherin me is his 1st love..she was his classmte n he likes her 4rm 9th std. n i thnk he still likes her vry mch..but she doesn...i dunno wht happnd bw dem that he deleted her 4rm his frn list on fb n they r no more in contact wd ech othr..she is in diff colg nw....n the gal is beautiful olso...i think he still likes her n ds thng kills me 4rm inside....evrytime i ask him wht happend bw both of you..he gets angry n upset..he doesn like talkin abt her..once i askd him..hu is on ur mind 24x7 he took the name of ths gal n sd she is on my mind 24x7x52x6...i m not beautiful..n i thnk whn he wil see me he wont like me...my pics r nice so he thkns dat i m beautiful..but ds is not the reality...n it hutrs whn i thnk of the day whn he will see me n reject me coz i m dark...n that gal is vry intellignt n beutiful olso...i want him to go away 4rm my lyf n i tried olso..i stpd textn him..but it lastd 4 6 days only..i couldnt control myself n agn strtd txtn him....i just cant let him go...but i dont want him in my life coz it kills me whn i thnk of that gal hu he likes n of the day whn he wil reject me...plsss tell me wht to do..shud i stop talking to this guy which is very dificult..r shud i continue talking which is also vry difficult...