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So there is this guy in my year (ill just call him bob) that i really like but two of my friends also like him... And he liked one of them last year... I dont know what to do... Also this other guy (ill call him fred) asked me out and i said no and told him that my mum said i couldnt go out with anyone... But i want to go out with bob... Help?


Hi Kitty, if the guy likes one of your friend, you should respect that because she is your friend. You better keep your feelings to yourself. That is unless otherwise, this guy notice you and fall in love with you.


Men may come and go in your life, but a good friend is hard to come by. A boy friend that most likely will be temporary in your life isn't worth loosing a good friend over. Forget the dude your friend likes, if she still cares about him. Try going out with this other guy that obviously does like you. Forget about pining over things you can't have. If you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one your with!