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My Boyfriend Tease Me A Lot

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Hi, I really need advise regarding my new bf...so any opinion would be apprecciated. Me and my new bf were friends before we started dating, but we always had a ''love/hate''relationship,now that we are officially together i feel like he cant stop the teasing, and sometimes even in front of his brothers and friends, i can take a joke, and i do joke with him at times, but sometimes the teasing does get to me, and i tried not to showed it cause then he says that i have no sense of humor, he makes fun of my accent all the time...in private and in front of ppl, he tries to mention how other girls want him, or that he s with me for my personality...and i feel like he cant be affectionate or nicer to me in public, i do like him and i do want this to work,but i dont know if is it because he'so used to treat me dat way that he doesnt realized is sometimes too much, and at the same time he claims im not affectionate with him, i am affectionate, but he makes it harder for me to be that way sometimes....am i over reacting??? Is there anything i can do so he can tone it down???


The only thing that you can do is let him know how you feel. If he continues and you find it to be too much for you, let him know that you are thinking about breaking things off with him (if you are). If he still continues, then break things off with him.The key thing for this to work is being straight up and honest.


Its possible that he doesn't know how you feel maybe all you need to do is talk about it with him and let him know its upsetting you. Guys can be really insensitive at times so if you don't speak up he might not even notice something is wrong.


All you need to do is to have a heart to heart talk. Talk seriously, listen to him when he speak and try to understand and when it's your turn to speak, ask him to listen and try to understand. Make an agreement. There is really some adjustment that both of you have to do in order to make your relationship work.