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I need answer as soon as possible pls. save a life 1. how to develop a website that people can register or sign up and long in with username and pass word to do things on the website.2. how to develop a e-commerce web sitethank you


well this is a weird and quick question for a very complicated subject. any way i voted to "step by step" for both answers, because taking things step by step will give you a full understanding of how to do this and let you debugging scripts and troubleshooting problems which finally will give you a lot of experience and skills.


well i didn't really get the voting poll. the how to would be a good over all picture while step by step would be good as a guide you can follow at your own pace. but what's the point of the poll? and "save a life"? who's life are we saving? i don't get it. you're asking two questions about two totally different sites and you want it the answer to be in the form of a post?


I don't understand your question either. But I do think you need to learn how to spell/or type better.