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Not Able To Run Localhost On My Own Computer Not able to run locahost on my computer while running IE8

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Hello,I am facing one problem while running my asp code on IE8. My Desktop PC S/W configuration is : 1.>XP service pack II2.>IIS installed3.>Default IE browser ( I think it is IE6.0. I am not sure about IE version.)I was running my ASP page code on XP SP-II IE(default version ). So at that time the ASP code was running properly. But when I upgraded my IE to IE8, then I was facing one problem. The problem is that when I was trying to run .asp page, it was asking for username and password to access localhost. And I don't know what is the username and password to access localhost. But when I run the same code on IE6.0(Default on XP SP-II), it does not asks for the username and password. Also when I installed IIS and IE8, I did not set any username and password to access localhost.Please tell me why it is showing login prompt. Also tell me what can be the username and password to access localhost.Thank you.


I have never heard of this before but then i dont use ASP (Its naaaaaaasty! Should look at PHP ;) ) the only thing i can suggest for now is trying the password you use to login to windows with.If you dont use a login to access the computer try the username "User" or "The User" with no password.Ordinarily i wouldnt have replied since i have no idea but since you havent got any replies yet it gives you something to try.