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Megavideo white screen

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My favorite online movie site uses MEGAVIDEO player most often. The issue is that up to more recently MV presented a BLANK WHITE screen in full screen mode. THe webmaster was kind enough to connect with me remotely and do his "MAGIC" to solve the issue on 2 of my DELL DIMENSION 8100. He has ignored me to do the third, although we have traded emails. My DELL DV-051 does NOT suffer from the same issue. I would appreciate if someone could give me some advice as to how I can solve this issue on the 3rd and last tower. This issue exists using some but not all movie sites. Other host players seem to have a similar issue with this one site. I will disclose if needed. Obviously I do not want to make an enemy of the webmaster. Any info that will fix this issue across sites will be helpful.


I also have the same problem :(