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Is This Girl Playing Games With Me Or Is She Just Not Intrested? PLEASE I NEED AS MANY ANSWERS AS POSSIBLE

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Thanks to u all for ur wonderful answers. I really appreciate that!!!


move on for right now. it sounds to me that she is too busy for any sort of relationship with you or that she isn't as interested in you as you originally thought. she seems to be what i would call a "social butterfly" and you are just one more contact for her when she's bored. if she was interested in you, she would find the time for you. it's that simple. if you have to call her more than once, that is too many times.my advice is simple. end all communication with her. if she calls you, talk to her. if she texts you, text her back. just be friends right now. nothing more. you have done enough of the initiating. put the ball in her court if she wants to talk to you. just consider her another friend or aquantance. nothing more. if she frees up some time for you, then maybe you can think about asking her out. until then, just assume she isn't interested in anything more than being friends.so if she is in deed interested in you right now, she sure isn't showing it and she's playing a game that i personally wouldn't play. it's very controlling and it would just be a start of a controlling relationship where she would be calling the shots where nothing is mutual. it doesn't feel good when you call someone and they can't even call ya back. just think how you would feel if you started going out with her and she showed the same rejection patterns? not a very good feeling bud. let her go for now....


If you dont want negetive answersFirstly i think the problem is not with the girl but with you. Clearly you are a very frustrating person. If a girl likes you and gives you her number then you text her and she says shes busy dont respond in a sarcastic manner like if you say so cause then you piss them off especially maybe they were busy at work and were frustrated. with what ever workload they have. The best thing you can do if you were in this situation is either be MR Nice guy or Mr Evil. never mr Doubting or Thomas or Sacastic Raymond. That right there discredited you because you basically called her a liar and tell me how did you want her to react? Did you expectr a kiss.Right now you text and she doesnt text for ages, maybe shes busy or just being nice to you. Shes only texting back because she feels its a nice way of saying well i didnt ignore you. What you wanna do is just quit thinking and texting her. Delete her number and all calls you made to her and all textxs and that way when you not hearing from her you'll blame you than wonder what the heck. At least its easier to cope with thinking she isnt texting me because I never texted her because I deleted her contact on my phone comapared to counting how many minutes have gone past since you texted and how many oipportunities shes had to text back but has had to text back but didnt.Also stop sucking up to her. Just either be a nice guy and do stuff to make her smile so she thinks about you and cant wait for your next text or just be a rude dude and make her think of how much an idiot you are btu at leats shes thinking bout you if you know what I mean. To behonest that ship has sailed. Just forget this girl she aint worth your time. Just let her go cause shes gonna be a waste of your valuable time and money. If she really likes you she will make an effort when she realises you not texting her anymore but until then she is a lost cause so STOP nagging her and leave her alone. You stressing her and stalking her with you constant nagging. Imaging an ex you dont want doing that to you texting and calling you'd be frustrated with her and think shes crazy. You are being like those wierd people on Jerry Springer who are fighting for someone who clearly doesnt want them anymore and they keep forcing their love on them anyway. I love you and you gonna leave her and come home with me and the persons like ok, we going home together cause I love oyu toooo NoooooooooooooooooootStop being a smug idiot who is too blind to see life just because Daddy never taught you how to react in a situation like this. actually I think daddy prepared you for this a long time ago. He taught you to use you common sense and right now you not using it. LEAVE HER ALONE other =wise you will start feeling low self esteema and this could lead to oyur demise in terms of depressiona dand stalking her and getting into trouble with the cops and rape and cyber stalking and those silent calls and the silly breathing down the phone calls. You just wanna walk away while this is a small issue or you may find oyurself stuck in a vicious circle.I have no idea what I just said in the previous paragraph. I guess I got carried away. But just to make it clear I suggest you leave this girl alone she is not worth your texts or time.


I know in my previous post I sound mean and all that but the reason is because I think that your story does not make any sense. The whole story has a theme but its time stamps are wierd. One moment its monday next it tuesday next it sunday. I dont understand look at these bits I extracted from the story

You said

....text her on Tuesday twice but i didn't text her on Monday and today (Wednesday).

based on this statement I assume that you wrote this post on a Wednesday and that it is the day you were sat at the computer typing the story. But what happened from there. did you fall asleep for a wholeday and then wake up and continue typing the story cause you then say

...After I stopped texting her for about 3 days, I text her again, I said "hey i met ur twins today." Then about 2 hours later, she text me back and was tell how she had a busy week and was very tired she also asked me if I met her sister, that we wil talk about that later. This thing happened on Friday,

so from that bit lets see you writting on wednesday stopped texting her three days that thursday, friday and Saturday but suddenly its A day back and its friday. or is it Friday next which would be a further six days. we will assume that you mis calulated the days but are you in the future as in you were writting today (wednesday) but went forward in time so you writting on friday and its still today. Anyway you then go on to say..

...on saturday I didn't text her again so the ball was on side then so On sunday I text her again but got no reply from her. I waited for 4 days, then I text her on the 5th day which was last friday. .

so its been two weeks since wednesday today and this is present and past tense not future sense. But then we will assume this was a typo but you then go on to say this

She didn't text me back so I waited till sunday(yesterday) and decide to call her. Called her, she didn't pick up the phone so I left a message for her to call me back. Up till this moment(Monday morning,),

This is were my brain goes mental did it take you like 2 weeks to type that short little post. Is Monday Morning the same as Wednesday hmmmmmm I am so confused. Can anyone work this out for me or have I mis read or misunderstood the whole post.