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Downloading Music And Tutorials To Usb HELP

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Thanks to all for your answers on my previous question, I was also wondering if it is possible to download music and tutorial (guitar and Spanish lessons vids) to my USB stick, as I've no internet in my hotel and do all these emails offline and copy them in net cafe.....what do you think....do any of you have any suggestions, I realise I'm a newbie to this site, but anytime soon (hopefully answers and ways) are much appreciated....Cheers in advance and I hope some of you can and all willing to help me....would make a huge difference if I can download from cafe to my usb and then copy to my laptop in hotel....Hope to hear you soon and as always...many thanks again,,,,Gracias


Hi!You can download music and tutorials to a USB disk and the Internet cafe should not normally prevent you from doing so. Although the Internet cafe might complain about a risk of viruses, they should be running anti-virus software and they usually provide printing services for which they accept files on USB disks. If they don't seem too happy about letting you use a USB disk, you should just find another Internet cafe to go to.Usually, hotels provide Wireless (WiFi) Internet access to their guests, either as a part of the room package or for an additional fee. Since you have a laptop, you probably would have a WiFi network adapter... you can get one that you can hook up through USB if you don't.