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I hope I am putting this in the right section... But I am looking for some feedback on my wife's new site. I know it needs more content but we are working on a ton of graphics and should have them up by Sunday.

Please read below:


My wife and I decided to build a website for myspace and facebook graphics. Currently it's very small and we are adding content daily. She does her graphics and I post the pages & handle the coding. I am far from a webmaster so the process is slow. I know enough html to be dangerous and don't know much java, php, perl or anything else really. I still have some format work to do as far as far as centering the page & cleaning up some of the code. I'm in the process of building a tweaks page with glitter crap and layout snatchers, but the code is a bear. We are also working on graphics for the new Myspace Beta Profile. Posting graphics in beta is a bit different than it used to be, and to my knowledge, we are the first site to offer content for the new Beta environment. We currently have only one beta graphic posted but we are working on a bunch and should have them posted soon. (next few days I think)

Anyhow, check it out & give some feedback.

NOTE TO ADMIN or MODS: If you want me to host a backlink banner for this forum, let me know, because I am also building an affiliate page for all the forums and resource sites I visit on a regular basis. (by the way, no fees for backlinks or banners just trying to help the sites who help me.)


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well, the idea looks strange a little but i like unique ideas. and working you and your life together is a cool thing i guess, because this site will be like your baby :). now, for the overall design, it is good in general but needs more work. in the home page, i can't see the background for the content, i can see only the footer and the header of your design. in the graphic page, i can see it fully but it starts repeating itself in the bottom. the forums page navigates you to an error page, you can add a null page and put in the middle "still under construction". in the request page i can see the same problem in the graphic page. also in the beta page, and in beta page i think centering the content will make it looks better. also you need to center the header, or you could make it in a smaller size and keep it in its place. also in the home page, in the new events, notice that the content are out of the right border edge. and i think that you should add padding between the photos in the beta page and align them, that will make them look better.by the way, i checked your site in two browsers, opera and firefox and it looks the same. and this is a great step, and i like the glow in your site around the header and the boxes. also i like those stars in the menu bar. good work till now, just a little bit of fixing and everything will be fine, good luck.


OK site, OK idea. The site looks like its from the 90's and its not centered... something you don't see very often in the internet in 2010 :P The logo looks shabby and like it was made in 2 minutes. I'm also sure that I have seen those numbered stars before in another site.

Your "news events" have the oldest on the top, its usually latest on the top and older ones descending. You have littered "share" icons everywhere on your main graphics page. The beta page is the same as the rest, are you still testing out something? The Forums page doesn't exist anymore, i get a 404 error. And overall, i can't even begin to pronounce "phyzizle"... is that Snoop Dogg's new word or something? :lol:

You have alot of work to do before this site is going to look good. Get crackin'!

well, the idea looks strange a little but i like unique ideas. and working you and your life together is a cool thing i guess, because this site will be like your baby :).

Dam... you are good! How do you come up with your lines? :D