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The World's Biggest Problems Identification and solution

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While discussing world's biggest problems, I have found among my acquaintances that they restrict themselves to discussing about the problems that we usually face in India......there are a lot, :wacko:. Once when I asked a friend why do they specifically talk about India and not the world as a whole, he answered that India was a part of the world and the lack of love for one's motherland( he probably referred to me) was one of such problems. He was a true patriot indeed ;) (pun intended), simply cribbing about everything and himself being the reason of the mess. Like when it came to his sister's status in her in-laws place, he was as wise as possible, at the same time when it was about his wife, his policies turned upside down. We often blame the politicians for not discharging their duties, but as citizens, that may be of any country, how many of us actually make an effort ourselves to take care of our responsibilities, else there wouldn't be so many crimes across the world, though some might be consequences of circumstances or environment, there are many which are not. Also as some one else states that lack of contentment and not realising our responsibilities are tough challenges that the world faces.