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Microsoft Office Word 2007 Quick Styles A specific question

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Hello everyone! How are you, did you have enough sleep? You did your homework? Are you ready to answer my question?(I am very sorry for this intro, but I've been watching Family guy (http://www.fox.com/family-guy/) for some time now and I can't seem to get rid of the "Peter Griffin talk - all (yes, both) of you watching the cartoon will understand :))But enough chit-chat, because I've got a very serious question for Xisto members, which must be answered. The thing is, I started kind of making my own "font-stack" for Microsoft Office Word during the last couple of... Minutes? You know, it's the little "styles" panel in the upper-right hand corner of the infamous ribbon that has been introduced with Word 2007.The problem lies in the fact I'm using "Adobe Fangsong Std R" (I guess R is for regular, I just copied it from the text box), which looks quite nice in various situations. Quite nice, that is, until I start using apostrophes. The spacing between a *normal* letter and an apostrophe is just huge, as you can see (I hope the bug has been fixed):post-101495-028463600 1279456958_thumb.jpg To cut directly to the problem; I want to decrease letter-spacing only between apostrophes and the letters that come after them. Is it possible to do that and implement it to a quick style?Just to be clear, I do not want to go in my text and manually correct the spacing, since that would be just plain crazy. I guess that does sound a bit like me, but I still wouldn't do that under any circumstances. And I would like to use Adobe Fangsong for my body copy.Thanks for the answer!


I have the same problem! Lovely font, but completely ruined by the huge apostrophe spacing. Any suggestions? Again, going through and changing every apostrophe to cambria or such is not a valid option!