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Any Ideas About Portfolio?

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hi trappers,i want to make a portfolio website, and related it to my blog. till now i did many researches about that but couldn't made my mind yet. because most of the sites i saw that have both blog and portfolio at the same time, they used the same layout for both of them. but i really don't think that my blog theme will look good for the portfolio. so, what do you think, if i make a different layout for my portfolio, it will look fine or not?if anyone here has a portfolio or worked on one before and could give me some opinions or advices, i would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


Hi!Putting together a portfolio that is separate from your blog would mean that you are managing two different sites to promote yourself rather than just one. Besides, most web designers don't really spend much time building their own websites because it is unpaid time so they try to get as much out of the door as quickly as possible.If you would like to highlight your resume by building a separate theme for your portfolio, you could have a more professional setup than your blog that you could send out to prospective employers. You can have a blog with the 'cool factor' from the grunge look, while the portfolio has a classic professional feel to it that employers would want to see their own brands showcased with.This is just my two cents worth, so if you do want to do something different and creative, you should.


Portfolio is very hard to make and it needs patience. First you need many ideas. You should be creative , and you shouldn't request this from users.A bad portfolio is a bad introduction.Stolen idea and put into your portfolio is a plagiarism introduction.Start something simple,and see what it needs , and if you are somebody who needs designer or developer , would you like this design? Making good portfolio design is better for you,and it will give you more customers , because they will see that their website can look cool as yours.


thank you k_nithin_r and bandias, for your replies. you inspired me for a new ideas, and i hope i could finish it soon.?the problem is i don't know which is better, add it to my blog to the same domain name, hosting and design. or make a new one. but any way ?i will try to arrange my thoughts and decide what to do,?thank you again.

Little Asterisk

Well, web_designer, it all depends up to you.

For instance, Chris Spooner doesn't separate his blog from the site (and he also writes tutorials there, as you can see - Blog.SpoonGraphics). On the other hand, Jason Santa Maria keeps his blog at the same domain as his portfolio, and he's got a good reason for it - his articles are beautiful! (just check Jason Santa Maria)

But, as I've noticed around the web, most designers like to keep their blog on the same domain where their portfolio is. I suppose that's got a lot to do with the fact that their blogs are actually a part of their personality. And they really put an effort in them, so potential customers see who they might be working with.

Again, if I'm a regular customer searching for a good service - I would be blasted away with Jason Santa Maria's site, and he'd probably be my first choice if I'm looking for a first-class service. I don't think even the portfolio page would be necessary. :)

But, as I said - in the end, it is all up to you. For instance, the guy from Rainfall-daffinson is first on Google search for "The Best Web designer Alive" (Žao nam je...), and he used to have a pretty specific about page (unfortunately, it seems that the site isn't functioning properly at the moment - Rainfall Daffinson - Web Design), and he got the attention of some of the most appreciated people in the web design industry.

- It's all up to you :)