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125v Cable Wire With 115v Power Supply? please help :)

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hey everyone i know i recently added that topic about the new purchase of a comp and yep i already ordered a better gaming computer :)

but my last cpu question is..


Is it bad to connect a 125v cable wire into a 115v power supply??


was wondering because the tower i ordered doesnt come with a power cable but i do have my old desktop cpu that used a 125v cable wire to connect to the wall. My new cpu is a 115v battery supply but no wire, so if i do connect a 125v to it will anything bad happen??


The cable you use has no affect on the voltage. So, as long as the cable fits the PSU and into your wall socket (and features the right connections - make sure it's earthed) then the cable will work fine.The voltage is more of an issue. You will need to carefully check the information provided with the PSU to see exactly which voltages it is happy with. It may state 115V with a tolerance of 10%, so would be fine on 125V. However, the tolerance may be lower, and running 125V across the PSU could damage it. Check the documentation carefully, although if the PSU is being sold in your country then it should be fine with the voltage.