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Need Suggestion For Choosing Decade Plan For College Website

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My college is organizing a small technical event which would see a few of the local colleges participate. It's not anything huge but at our level it's pretty big :P Anyway, it's obvious that a website needs to be started for this, giving details about the various events and all the things that the participants need to know. Since this is a local college I don't expect much traffic and it will peak only during the time when the event is actually held. That's the reason I'm considering to start this website using the decade hosting plan offered by t17 (oops still cant stop using that name ;)). But I'm a bit confused about the amount of bandwidth that will be used. I know that bandwidth depends on the number of visitors and the nature of the website content, so I will give out estimates of these both and could someone help me figure out whether the 1GB per month bandwidth will be enough for the site? There are around 3-4000 students in my town at the most, only half of them will ever think of visiting the website. As for the content, I intend to use a CMS like Joomla or Drupal to build the site, and there won't be too many pictures. I intend to keep a video soon but dunno whether that's allowed or not over here. Anyway, even with the video, the whole matter won't exceed the 100mb limit and I'm guessing that browsing the whole site would eat away around 10-15mb of bandwidth for each visitor. Add that figure to the number of visitors and I'm exceeding 1GB already. This is where I'm confused. So could someone help me figure this out please? Should I use the decade plan or opt for a Logic plan?


i would definately go with the logic plan. the decade plan in my opinion is good for a peronal website that isn't optimized for the public. it gives out only one database so when you set up your cms, you are already at your max resources for your databases. obviously, if even 500 people visit your site, it will run out of bandwidth. the other option is to see how much it would be to upgrade the bandwidth to 5 gigs(but even that is possibly cutting it short). if it's less than $30, then it's still worth it to get the decade plan as $30 is the cost for the logic plan and one tld for a whole year. since a domain costs $10, and the decade plan costs $10, then you know you have about $10 to play with.


Images, CSS, JavaScript and web pages are generally cached by the browser. I get about 100 or so visitors to my site a month, and i rarely ever pass 200mbs for the month. Having just one database isn't necessarily a problem if you are allowed to prefix the tables within them, which i'm sure Drupal and Joomla does. Using one database for every script is merely for organization's sake (unless it concerns performance, but i doubt Joomla or Drupal would cause a significant impact), but is not necessary. Joomla and Drupal templates may contain a lot of images, but if you consider minimalist templates, you can reduce the amount of resources transferred. Personally, i would consider testing the waters by going with the decade plan, checking your bandwidth, and if you ever get close to surpassing your bandwidth limit, upgrade the bandwidth (or to a better plan) later on.


Hi there
from my side I can suggest you some samples of possible design for your future college website. I used to design many similar before, so I know how it should look like. Smth like this.

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