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Binders Do they really work perfectly ??

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Binders are programs which are available in the market today which just accomplishes the task of binding two files. In this case the files are said to be an executable file and some other general file (preferably a JPEG file). So lets take for example a binder has to accomplish the job of binding an executable file and a JPEG file. In this case the executable file is said to contain some code (The code is not malicious, that is it is not detected by any Anti-Virus Software) So in this case the inputs to the binders are a executable file and a JPEG file. The required output is a JPEG file. After binding the required result is, if some one opens that JPEG file then the executable file also must be executed automatically in the computer in which the JPEG is viewed. Let me put this practically. Lets say that you host a webpage which has full of pictures. In such a case you have a JPEG file in which an executable file is binded. So is it that if some one visits the webpage and views that JPEG in the webpage, the executable file which was binded along with that will automatically be executed in the page visitors computer ?? Is it so ?? First of all will any Binders successfully accomplish the task of binding and executable file and a JPEG file and will result in a single JPEG file ?? If so how are these binders made ?? what will be internal coding of these small programs ?? Does any one have a clear idea about the same ? I am pointing at Binding an executable file ( Clean ) So the point of hacking / the file being detected by anti virus etc. is ruled out ?? Moreover are there any Legal Binders ?? Or is it that if some one needs Binders he/she must get it only in some hacking places ??


Yes they work, and yes, you can make them FUD. (Fully undetected). However the forum rules state such discussion is forbidden. ;)


There are always some anti-Virus softwares that will be able to detect certain things, so it is not ALWAYS successful. But yes these binders do exist, and there is generally no legal way of obtaining them, and they can't really be discussed on this forum. I have yet to see a binder that successfully binds an executable to an image without making the extension say "namehere.jpeg.exe". Good luck finding one...


Compilers do this all the time when compiling programs, unless you explicitly tell the program to load the image file externally. This is why programs can have icons all over the place without having installed any of those icons on your computer. Of course, if the images are encoded (e.g. in PNG, JPEG, et cetera), then your program would require some way of decoding them. I haven't studied compilers, let alone how to make them embed files directly into the executable, so i cannot tell you how they do it, but they probably convert the image into object code (files) and then embed those files.