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I Want A Wordpress Newsletter please suggest me a good one

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hi trappers, this time i need a newsletter for my website. but it should be for wordpress, and not for widgets because i don't use widgets in my sidebar. it will be better if i can editable, and using light box.i already added a one but it wasn't suitable, it takes readers to a separate page to subscribe which it doesn't look good at all. now, i am trying a new one (mailpress) which is a wordpress plugin but till now i am not satisfy yet.if you can you suggest me another newsletter with the properties i talked about before, i will be appreciating.


Hi!@web_designerI'm not quite sure what you are looking for when you refer to newsletter. Do you want to setup a blog with articles that would be emailed to subscribers as soon as you post it to your website? Or are you simply looking for something that would be posted to your blog and would be viewed by subscribers on your website? Or perhaps you want to change the theme of your website such that it displays only one post at a time and do not want to have the archives section to list months but instead want to list individual posts down the side?If you would like help with building WordPress plugins, I could probably lend you a hand there.


well k_nithin_r, these are a lot of interesting options. but i wanted only a newsletter plugin for wordpress, that is not for widgets. anyway what you mentioned seem very interesting. i will put it in my mind.

for now i added "NEWSLETTER" plugin, it seems good, and everything work fine but when i tried to update or edit anything in my wordpress dashboard, i got this error. even the change take effect.

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/meintere/public_html/meinterest.com/wp-content/plugins/newsletter/widget.php:146) in /home/meintere/public_html/meinterest.com/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 868

so, any help will be appreciated.