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Need Help On Creating A Facebook Apps From zero to hero

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More of 'need help' threads from me. . . Well it's just like me so let us continue straight to the point. In short, i want to create one very simple facebook apps to stream music files. The application should be able to be put in the profile pages, with the auto play support available. The files are hosted on my friend's unlimited hosting and i've never get warned of mass downloading so i guess it should be fine with the host (it IS supposed to be file and image hosting site anyway).So here's the main problem: I don't really get the system of facebook applications. I can make the auto play supported music player (swf flash + html based) but i don't know how to make it available in the facebook applications.I have seen something like mp3 player application in facebook (i'm sorry, i'm on my mobile so i can't tell what the application is :P ), the idea is similar to it.Is there anybody here that have any experience in creating raw facebook apps (not through application builder or such)? Any help is appreciated ;)