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Josh Stehr

Hello, I'm creating a flash website on Cs4, action script 2.0, on a beginners guide to drumming. On one page I want images of famous drummer moving across the page and back again, which I've succeeded in doing, however what I really want to happen is when I roll my mouse over an image, I want it to stop in that place, i.e. pause, and display information about the drummer. How do I do this?I've got the images as a movie clip, which are moving backwards and forwards across the page, and got each image as a button within that, with the keyframe on over and a piece of text pasted on. The put an action script of stop for each button.But it only plays the movie clip the buttons don't work. Help would be much appreciated thanks.


If you already using CS4 then why not make use ActionScript 3?ActionScript 2 is not supported anymore by Adobe and you will not find much help out there for it.Another solution is not to use ActionScript at all and use motion path instead.