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Do You Know Slideshare? Sharing your PDF and PowerPoint online

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--Have you ever heard Slideshare.net? --Slideshare is a platform for PowerPoint sharing. It is like Youtube of PowerPoint.People would like to view, upload and share views and comment of PowerPoint and PDF, just like they do on YouTube. :angel:


Yep. I often stumble into slideshare when searching for very specific topics on the net. These are common if you're looking for topics that aren't normally talked about and are common in books. I believe some of SlideShare's contents are from magazines, books, and other publications. Sometimes it just become annoying because SlideShare takes an awful lot of time to load the contents.


Yeah, I agree that most of the ppt of slideshare is generated from many other meterials or inspiration,and it is seldom designed originally. Actually my friends and I have designed a PPT and upload it to slideshare. It is funny and useful I think. You may have some interest on it.