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Hi :angel: ,

I have a new website http://www.refindyourway.com/ and I really, really need some feed up.
It's about drug addiction treatment and medical tourism.

Does it work normally in Opera or some other browsers?

What about the design?

I would really appreciate your thoughts on it since my income depend on it!

Thank you!!!


Your website is an eyesore. There is random text that has no need to be there.

Medical tourism
Travel to get naltrexone implants


Substance abuse treatments

most of the images that you use are rendered smaller by the browser (because of the html) and it makes the images look terrible. i would suggest using photoshop or gimp to resize the images instead. I see dozens of stock photos everywhere. They slightly relate to what you are talking about, but they are way too ambiguous. Your website is reminiscent of a spam e-mail or spam website. Your homepage states no goal. Once you get past the front page, things look a little better.

This is in the wrong forum. Reviews here are for websites that are NOT yours.


Firstly I am attacted by the headline. I want to tell you I am hungry, can you send me a humbarg? :angel: Though I am very hungry, I still check out your website. Sounds you have used many Photoshop based images? beautiful but a little more I think. This will make your website loading speed is very slow. The font of words is bad, I think seldom people like bound words when reading articles.Maybe you need to modify it. However, I like the background you choose. :P


you know, i couldn't even get past the title. you need to change it. i am interested in this topic and i couldn't even get past the friggin title! you have a lot of work ahead of you........by title....i mean <title>blah blah blah</title>