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How To Add Tweets From Your Twitter To Your Wordpress Blog Or Website

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twitter is one of the most common website now, it helps people to communicate, talk, passing ideas and messages. it is even more powerful way for websites and blog owners to advertise their topics. so, now, it so important to sign in in twitter. once, you get an account you can add tweets from your twitter page in your website or blog.


There are two ways to add Twitter to your wordpress blog or website. You can use the Twitter widget or you can use the RSS widget using the instructions below.


1. Go to https://mobile.twitter.com/i/nojs_router?path=%2F your username in twitter to page in twitter.


2. On the right sidebar you can find RSS feed, right click on it and choose copy link location (this differs from browser to another).


3. Open your wordpress dashboard click on appearances > widgets > add an RSS widgets from the widgets list on the left.


4. Click edit and add the link you copied from your twitter page in the box enter the RSS feed URL here and configure the other options, click Done button on the RSS widget options.


5. Click Save Changes button in the Current Widgets list.


6. refresh your website and see the new widget that contain tweets from your Twitter account.



good luck.


I think by now, RSS feeds and intertwining of popular social network sites are fairly easy. Unless a newbie has asked please keep these postings as minimal as possible.