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Worldslargestforum.net As per the name its the biggest i have ever seen.

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Any one knows any forum bigger than this one WorldsLargestForum. Really the forum is the biggest of all as per as i know and i havent seen any forum as big as this one and to be honest its bit confusing for me as i usually get lost in the forum. There are 30+ categories and 1960+ subforums cant imagine then have a look there link is
the biggest attraction of the forum for the time beign is the contest running there, and the winner gets and awesome 2000$. No referrals no surveys all you need to do is to be in top10 and noting. have a look here, the details of the contest
and now the bad news, this contest will end on 28th of Feb and the regestration of the forum is closed for the public at the moment and will re-open after a while.
but still you can stick to it as the admin there plans for more new fabolous contests.
Have a look there.