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Adjusting Brightness Of Videos

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I was wondering if it is possible, just like it is with photos, to adjust brightness and light in video files.All photo editing programs, even the free and most basic ones have such a facility.However, I have not found anything like that (although I might have overlooked it) in the video editing programs I have.At the moment I have Pinnacle Studio 14, Cyberlink Power Director 7 and Camtasia 6.Does anyone know if such a facility is present in any of them or does anyone have any knowledge of a utility which can achieve what I am looking for?Any advice will be much appreciated.


When people refer to "Studio" do they mean Pinnacle Studio? A quick search on google found this In the video toolbox, under Studio Plus RTFX, you will find a number of tools. The Color Correction tool provides a number of adjustments, including brightness and contrast. Maybe you should look for "Color Correction" instead of brightness, I don't know. I don't edit videos.


Rob,I did clearly say "Pinnacle Studio".But, yes, I will look for that, it might just do the trick.Funny, I never thought Google could be a replacement for/addition to the manual that comes with software, never thought of that.Nevertheless, thank you very much for your contribution to this thread.


Under Linux (in case you are using it), it appears mencoder can adjust brightness for videos. Here's an example line i found:

mencoder /path/to/INPUT.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4 -oac mp3lame

-lameopts vbr=3 -vf eq2=1.0:1.3:0.5:1.0 -o OUTPUT.avi

There wasn't much explanation on what the value for eq2 stands for (though they could probably stand for RGBA), but the key parts for adjusting brightness, apparently, are -vf eq2=1.0:1.3:0.5:1.0.


I did clearly say "Pinnacle Studio".

I think he meant concerning his search results and not you.


OK then.Sorry, I do not use Linux.Nevertheless, I am always grateful for any contribution.It shows people are willing to try to help.Also, about the reply about "Studio", I didn't mean to be offensive, rob made a very useful contribution nevertheless.


OK then.Sorry, I do not use Linux.
Nevertheless, I am always grateful for any contribution.
It shows people are willing to try to help.

Also, about the reply about "Studio", I didn't mean to be offensive, rob made a very useful contribution nevertheless.

you can try using adobe after effects? maybe? its my video editing tool if you don't like it its fine with me


I use CyberLink Power director for all my video editing needs. It can do this and a lot of other cool stuff. If your looking for the free way out I know theres a lot of free video editing software out there for you.


hey Zagu is that free? xD is that power director thing you are saying have a feature of screen record?because I have camtasia on my laptop and its laggy for me