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A Sort Of Mini Search Engine Once again Im stuck

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Hi guys once again I need to bow to your superiorelyness (Of course it's a word :) ). Anyway I have a macros in excell that searches a list of franchises (royal mail) in work. Now its an excellent tool but it takes up a lot of room. What that list contains: franchise number - Which is how we find the detailsFranchise Name: Where that franchise is coveredSite ID: An ID that shows which region its in.I only need to search by Franchise number. Is there a script that Could help me with that (I will see if I can get it to you so you can have a mess about, it's just politics and all that!Thanks in advance guys (sorry if your confused)


Definately I am. Confused. Do you need a script that keeps a record of the list of franchisee and area of operation or a search engine to find text part in posts or messages as google does?If you are looking just a simple table like structure then you may choose scripts from wodpress to joomla to Subdreamer. You only need the right plugin for that and will make your search simple to find any text easy.


Ye I deffo need to get that excel sheet to you :)Ok guys give me tomorrow, and I'll grab itCheers


Ok guys I have 3 days of this then I have to remove it :). Attatched is the "Call Tool". Test it, to demonstrate put 320 or 370 in Franchise ID. Basically I need to make a HTML version of it you can see the spreadsheet reads from a saperate spreadsheet to give the answer.I hope that helps *attachment removed as per request*


You will need to use PHP or something to make this work. Im sure its possible in JS but you will spend weeks and weeks making it work with JS. PHP is relatively simple on the other hand. Using PHPMYADMIN and an SQL database you can import the data directly from a CSV file created by excel. Then you need to make a PHP/HTML frontend to search the database... Its not a solution but search it out and you should be able to make it (or find someone willing with more time than me!) but it is possible.