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Screensaver Maker Is there one?

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Ok guys i need to make screensaver, something basic, the most important thing is to have scrolling text very similar to the windows 3D text one, only the message needs to be a lot longer, preferably multi line if possible. It would be really nice if i could also have a small image bouncing around at the same time. Does anyone know a software that can do this? For free, for use in an educational environment (eg no nag screens, works perfectly as a normal screensaver, no user intervention etc... and preferably not an EXE installer for the screesaver. Ideally it would make them in SCR format (or whatever format XP accepts these days as default) so we cna roll it out on the network (eg copy it down from a server to the workstation using a script with no user intervention)It's fairly urgent so if anyone has any clues let me know. Ive been looking all day but all i get are stupid "Use your own pictures as a slideshow" i can do that by default in windows.... -.-Random pathing would be very useful... But i can improvise.