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Get Data Back For Fat And Ntfs Getting out of a jam

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Has anyone been in a pickle with an external hard drive which just decided to become totally unrecognizable under windows? . I encountered this problem a few days ago on a friend’s old portable hard drive which he had lent me.?Upon returning it to him (carrying it in my backpack) he had found that windows 7 could only pick up that the USB hard drive was some kind of storage medium. Windows 7 had assigned the portable USB drive a drive letter, but beyond that the drive couldn't be mounted under any method.?After mounting it in Linux I identified (or rather Linux identified) that the drive had been partially corrupted. This is where i used "GetDataBack for FAT and NTFS" to begin the task of retrieving data. This is my first time using this program and I can honestly say that it did the job really well. It preserved most of the file names and most folders. Out of the 650 gig of data on the tera byte hard drive, I managed to rescue around 450 gig which my friend was grateful for.?In my case the impact of the hard drive moving in my bag had caused physical damage, which this program had managed to deal with and retrieve data effectively. If you’re having major problems with a hard drive and don't want to take it to a data retrieval specialist, maybe you should give this program a shot. ?