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Hi. I got a question for all writers out there. When I was younger, me and my best friend used to tell each other stories to pass the time. Our fantasy world got really involved. It was fun, but eventually, we went our separate ways. My problem was, I fell in love with him, and he didn't want to be my boyfriend. Now wonder if I want to write about the characters I created with him as a way to still cling to him. When I write about my stupid characters, I inevitably think of him. I am trying to get over him, but I still love to write about our characters. My question is: should I stop writing about our mutual characters and try writing about something else, or should I keep writing about our mutual characters that have a hold on my heart? You see, my heart tells me that if I don't write the characters for his eyes only, then there is no point in writing them at all. Why would the world be interested in our stupid little fantasy world? I am clearly in a muddle. Any advice is respected. Thank you.


Darling, though you are talking about a story with characters that you and he developed, this isn't a topic for the Creativity Forum. Life Talk, or maybe Dating & Relationships? (Although I had a hard time picking a subforum that really fit this topic... but that's why they're mods, not me! :XD:)


Thing is, there are two problems with posting here:


1. This forum is strictly to share your creative spurts, for the joy of sharing your creative spurts and no other ulterior motive. So while this issue involves an example of a creative spurt, it is not about said creative spurt... I hope I'm not confusing you too much. So this topic needs to be moved, in my opinion. Mods: yea, nay?


2. You (and everyone else) gets no post count for contributing here. Thence, few people (sadly) are motivated to participate in this particular forum. I'm hoping to eventually influence that in a different direction, by participating more and leading by example.


Nonetheless, it is unavoidable (for now) that you aren't going to get much attention (if any) other than mine, here (I honestly think I'm the only person that checks the Creativity forum on a regular basis).


This response will get me no credit, for example. But I want to help you out. The necessity for a response that I sense from you entirely supercedes any credit I would otherwise receive.


Now, if you do get around to writing about these characters and you want to share that... that's for this forum :lol:




Ok, now with that being said I will respond to the topic itself.


Sweetie, hold dear what you have/had from that association. Write about as much as you truly feel inspired to; what you may feel is stupid will be adored by others who have no idea what inspired the expression of your creativity and emotions. Even if you never share your writing with others, write... and love what you have written... for the words are the product of something special.


Bear in mind, as well, that if he's not willing to have a relationship with you (now, or ever), then understand that the proverbial dice have rolled against it and there is something else out there meant for you. More than likely, it's better; although I understand that that will be difficult to believe at this point in time, especially if you won't find this other relationship for a while yet. My grandmother, for example, lived most of her life and buried two/three husbands before she finally was able to live the last years of her time on Earth with her soulmate (who had been a lifelong friend of hers). What I hope is inspirational from that particular example (as it is for me) is that, despite the odds, she was able to spend some of her life with her true companion, and she truly cherished that.


I cannot begin to understand his reasoning for his actions, for I have only you as a meager source to tickle at my empathy. All I can say is that, regardless of your personal beliefs, there is a natural balance to life in general. It's a scientific law, although I am one of a very small number of people who have translated said law to operate upon a more metaphysical property of existence. Nothing is without an equal and exact opposite; nothing.


Good luck to you, darling, and I hope that I will have the honor to eventually read that with which your own muse would grace the literary world.


:lol: Thank you, FracturedLogic! Thank you for your insightful reply and your words of wisdom. You are right. I should have posted in the Relationships forum, but I was confused as to where the question belonged. Thank you for the validation, and for your timely reply to my question. When I get something decent written down, I will post it here first! Rock on, Logic!


You are very welcome, dear. I still hope this topic gets moved to where it belongs (and I'll be hunting down a mod to help you with that as soon as I can). Best of luck to you, and I'll always be around if you ever need an ear to tug on in the future. Take care.:lol: