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Database Problems Disappearing?

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My databases aren't working. Earlier today, I created a MySQL database and now it's just disappeared. I've tried recreating it, but that's not working either. And it's also kind of odd that on my cPanel, I'm using:Mysql databases 0 / 999SQL Disk usage 0.94 MBI'm on the Rhino server, if that helps. I hope it's just me. Database dropping would be a really bad thing for some sites.


wow..I just made a topic like this. >_> whoops.


IM REALLY HOPING THIS IS SOME ERROR WITH Xisto ,,, that can be fixed..i had 2 databases lost and i figured some1 maliciously deleted them as i saw no suspension or anything as i have credits for like 25 days. when i try to create a new database currently it disappears as well it tells me wrong username/password for phpMyadmin.... ne1 else having problems with phpMyadmin?god i hope this is fixable


On my cPanel, it also says I have 0 MySQL databases, yet it shows disk usage from them...When I attempt to view a PHP file that connects to a database, it says "Too many users...." I sure hope my databases weren't deleted...one of them was my IPB forum...


MySQL databases go down sometimes, usally maintanance or sometimes they crash (Almost never lately)


has never happened to me o_O


Well, there were people abusing the services a while back (Using automated scripts creating very high ammaunts of database quessry's) causing the mysql server's too crash, and sometimes they go off line for about 15 minutes (Routine maintanance...)


If the databases are gone.. that is probably because of mysql service being restarted. BTW, we take the DATA issue EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY and it is IMPOSSIBLE that your Data is LOST.


yea everything is back in order, as well all my information was saved correctly and is working. ive never had the mysql databases read 0 in my cpanel before, as well as the phpMyadmin wrong password error, so i was worried. working fine now