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Bittorrent Multi Search Program ?

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Anyone here use Torrents? I found this multi-search engine for Torrents. I thought you guys might be interested?

Click Here: TorrentPond.com



You can also use Torrent Finder. It's a torrent site metacrawler for 172 sites.


i think the best would be youtorrent.com It gathers them from the bigger torrent sites, which also gather them from other torrent sites....this is the same thing as piratebay, isohunt and demonoid.the best would be demonoid if you can get one... which i have a few, but i will use the piratebay too

Alex Cicala

Instead of a program why not try http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

It searches from a huge database of torrent sites. Seems to be very popular, although I don't use it, alot of the people I know do.