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The Sims Pet Stories Error

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Alright i just bought sims pet stories today and ive installed it, this is an original copy disc.

the error i keep getting after installing and then trying to play is this:


The Sims Pet Stories has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

then when i go into mthe error report it says this:


Error signature


AppName: simsps.exe AppVer: ModName: simsps.exe


ModVer: Offset: 010b0ef4


I sent Microsoft a report error.which i have no idea what that'd do. :D

I have a DVD/CD Driver, and my computer is good graffics ect ect:


I bought the game at JB HI5




If I were you I would check if your graphics card is ok for the game. Even though you just wrote "and my computer is good graffics" maybe it can't handle the game. My guess. Also, sending errors to Microsoft won't do anything since the game creators are EA and not them.Maybe if you can give info about the graphic card someone over here can help you more (I don't have too much knowledge about them, though).


Sims Pet StoriesThe Sims Pet Stories Error

If I quit pet stories and try to re enter I get no response. If I try to enter again it says pet stories is already running. If I then restart my computer the problem is solved until u quit. Please help!! 

-question by Tony